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Another way to amuse small children

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I saw this idea somewhere, though I can’t remember where, and stored it in the back of my mind for a rainy (or freezing cold) day.  When Daughter was getting antsy and a bit bored of making snowflakes this past week, I introduced the bird feeder idea instead and she’s been amused ever since. 

Basically, you cut shapes out of corrugated cardboard, about the size of an adult hand, and drill a hole in the top with sharp scissors.  Then you turn it over to the child, who spreads peanut butter on one side and then presses a layer of birdseed on top.  Finally, run a string through the hole and hang it up outside where it can be seen from a window.  Daughter loves this, and now that I’ve cut a few shapes out ahead of time, and she can got and get the peanut butter and birdseed whenever her little heart desires.  Once I showed her how much seed she needed, clean up became a breeze.

The best part is that she is content to sit at the window and watch the birds feed for quite a long time.  I will probably pick up a bird guide from the library today to help her identify what is pecking at her bird feeder, but, for those of you in Britain, the RSPB’s online garden wildlife guide is here.


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