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Egg salad sandwich filling

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This is one way to use up any eggs you have left over from the holidays.  Of course, baking is the most delicious way to deal with egg overload, but I’ve eaten far too many sweets over the past few weeks, so egg salad it is.

For every person you want to feed, make sure you have one hard-boiled egg and the equivalent amount of gherkins or dill pickles.  For instance, one large dill pickle is enough for four to five people, but two small gherkins is just enough for one person.  Dice your hard-boiled eggs and pickles/gherkins together into a bowl.  Give it a good few stirs so that the eggs start to break up into even smaller pieces, then add in one teaspoon of a nice mustard for every three eggs or to taste.  At this point, you can finely grate some onion to add in as well, but I’m not a big raw onion fan, so I don’t.  Finely grating an onion on something like a microplane gives you a juicy paste that is easy to work into the entire mixture, whereas chopped onion can be a bit chunky and overpowering.

Finally, add in one tablespoon of mayonnaise* for every three eggs, or until the mixture is just creamy enough to spread but still thick enough to stick together.  Add salt and pepper to taste, along with a few pinches of parsley.  Spread on bread or rice cakes for lovely sandwiches for tea or breakfast (or whenever).  Cutting the egg and pickle up quite small to begin with means that the egg will stretch further, allowing fewer eggs for more people.  Big chunks won’t go quite as far.

*If you are short on mayonnaise, or quite like things tangy, you can swap out one of the tablespoons of mayonnaise for a splash of decent vinegar.  As always, let your taste buds guide you.


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