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This is another way to stretch meat a bit for sandwiches/rice cakes.  Once you have some practice at this, the possibilities become endless, so please let me know if you’ve come up with any other combinations or ideas. 

Finely chop or shred a bit of leftover ham (I can get ham ends quite cheaply at the meat counter).  Finely chop an equal amount of leek or spring onion and combine with the ham.  Sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper, maybe some garlic powder if you like, and a pinch or two of parsley.  Beat in enough margarine to make the mixture spreadable.  This is probably going to be about as much as you’ve added in ham and leek combined.  So if you have two tablespoons of ham and two tablespoons of leek, it will probably take you about four tablespoons of  margarine to make the mixture spreadable.  Use your own taste and judgment as a guide.

At this point, you can add in some finely grated cheese for extra flavor.  Husband also likes a bit of Stilton mashed in with his ham spread (Please be careful though, as not all veined cheeses are GF).  Cheddar always works well, but whatever rind you have left over can be grated into the mixture.  You will probably need about 1/2 TBL for a rice cake and 1 TBL for a slice of bread, but this depends on how thick you like your sandwich spread…


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