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Food Facts for the Kitchen Front

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I got Food Facts for the Kitchen Front for myself as an early Christmas present, and I just wanted to review it briefly here.  This book is part of a series of three re-issued books: Food Facts for the Kitchen Front, Sew & Save, and Make Your Garden Feed You.  I’ve already briefly reviewed Sew & Save here, and Food Facts is very much along these lines.  These guides were meant to address the two main areas of rationing – food and clothing – and help ease the burden for the average reader.  The Food Facts guide actually lists most recipes by ingredient, which is nice if you have to use something up or want more ideas for, say, beans.  There are also quite a few recipes in Food Facts that I haven’t seen other places, especially creative ideas for oatmeal and vegetables.

I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes yet with the holidays just being over, but the recipes in this guide are very much along the lines of the MoF guidelines, so I expect that they’ll be pretty much the same, reliable recipes.  There are also quite a few recipes for meat, particularly cheaper cuts, which I may try out the next time I purchase meat.  We really don’t eat much meat at all, which is why I hesitate to commit myself to trying out a meat recipe, but I’ll post the GF version if I do.

There are no dessert recipes, unless you count summer pudding under the children’s section, and limited fruit recipes, for obvious reasons.  Still, the nostalgia factor is big with this book, because it comes more or less in the same format it appeared in originally in 1941.  If you collect Home Front or Kitchen Front books, you are probably going to want this one.


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