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Sweet snow treat

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We’ve just been hit with another layer of snow, and Daughter is a bit tired of snow angels and snowmen.  She has been asking for snow ice cream every since the first snowfall, and yesterday I finally got up the nerve to wander out into the new snow drifts and gather some up.  In my opinion, snow ice cream is one of those wonderful things that makes GF life worth living.  It’s fun to make, rare enough to be special, and is naturally gluten free.

Now, I’ve seen recipes for snow ice cream that involve fresh eggs and a load of sugar, but this is far too complicated and time consuming for the likes of someone like me.  Instead, I gather about two cups of fresh, clean snow for each person who will eat it and dump it into a big bowl.  Then I take either sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk mixed with honey or golden syrup and stir a few tablespoons into the snow.  I then add in a touch of vanilla, or flavored syrup if I have any, and combine.  If it needs a bit more to stick together, then I add in more of the condensed/ evaporated milk.  If it’s already sweet enough, but still needs more to hold together, I switch to small splashes of regular milk.  I try to work quickly too, since the snow starts to melt when it gets inside.

Though the consistency is more like shaved ice, this is still a treat in our house.  I offer to top the snow ice cream with a bit of jam, but Daughter likes it as is.  It certainly beats eating plain snow off of a wooly mitten though…


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  1. What a treat to bump into someone else who loves snow- ice-cream! It almost makes it worth the snow – to have this treat! ~smile~

    • When I was growing up in Kansas, this was just one way my mother dealt with my cabin fever, but Daughter has only seen snow a few times. I think she thinks that it snows just so we can make snow ice cream!


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