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Decorations for a little girl’s party

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We recently celebrated Daughter’s 5th birthday, and I thought I’d spend the week sharing how we did it.  Daughter decided that she wanted a proper afternoon tea party for her birthday, so I set myself on how to do it without losing my mind.  It turned out quite well, especially for Daughter, and it wasn’t too much stress for the rest of us either.

 We went with a pink theme, which is Daughter’s favorite color, and we were able to reuse a few decorations from previous parties.  We put a princess centerpiece up from the previous year and used the matching tablecloth that I had wiped down and stored.  I also had a spare pink flat sheet that doubles as a tablecloth or picnic blanket that I could have used, but Daughter was adament that the tablecloth also be princess-themed. (So I guess that would make it more of a princess afternoon tea party, wouldn’t it?)

For wall and ceiling decorations, we decided on bunting and streamers.  Sister-in-Law made the bunting from spare scrapbook paper we had lying about and strung it on folded crepe paper.  We hung the bunting around the room, as you can see below,


Here’s another angle…

After the party, we hung the bunting up in Daughter’s room so she would have a reminder of her birthday.  Yes, technically, the triangles are supposed to be symmetrical, but it was scrap paper, so Sister-in-Law had to fudge a bit…

Pink and white streamers completed our decorations, along with a few balloons I had stashed away.  Even with making the bunting by hand, it took us less that 30 minutes to decorate (with Daughter’s help, of course).


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  1. These looks so nice- what a great idea. Will have to use this one in the future!

    C xx

    • Thanks! I love the way it looks too, but I’d never seen it really until we moved over here. The thing I like about it too is that it can be made with scrap paper and Daughter can help with just about everything. It does look festive though, doesn’t it?


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