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Games for a little girl’s party

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I had organized (in my head) a number of games to play at Daughter’s party, none of which actually got played because she was more interested in the presents.  I should take the time to mention here that Daughter’s birthday is so close to Christmas that we rarely have friends over, as most of them were away for the holidays.  This year, it was just our family, so I had to come up with games that adults would find amusing and a newly five-year-old would find doable.

Silly Statues – this one is fun, even as an adult as long as you are willing to be a bit silly.  The person who is “it” goes around and poses everyone else in the most ridiculous postures possible.  To win, the statues have to stay that way, and they get out for falling over and laughing or losing their pose.  The statue who wins becomes “it” in the next round.

He-Ho-Ha – This game is a mildly amusing game, but somehow it becomes impossible not to laugh.  Participants sit in a circle, and the first person starts by saying “he”, the next “ho”, and the next “ha”, repeating all around the circle until the end of the game.  Speed is a key factor, as it seems funnier the faster you do it.  Anyone who laughs is out, and the last one left can get a prize.  I know it sounds lame, but try it with a bunch of kids and tell me it doesn’t amuse them for at least five minutes.

Pass the parcel- This is a classic English party game that requires some preparation.  You will need two bags of sweets and a load of newspaper and tape.  Wrap one bag of sweets securely in a sheet of newspaper and then open the other (don’t eat them all…).  Place one sweet from the opened bag on top of the wrapped sweets and wrap it to the parcel with a full layer of newspaper.  Continue doing this until you have run out of sweets or you have enough layers for all the kids at the party, always one sweet per layer.

To play, have the children sit in a circle on the floor, and start the music.  The children pass the parcel around, and when the music stops, the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer and get a sweet.  Keep this going until all the layer are unwrapped, and the last child then scores the whole bag.


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