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Full menu and table setting for a little girl’s party

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So I’ve covered, the decorations, the snacks, and the games.  I am having trouble with the pictures, as they are on an older computer that is acting up at the moment.  I hope to have that sorted out shortly though.

I did just want to revisit the menu, because obviously we had more than sandwiches.  It turned out something like this –

  • Princess sandwiches with ham, cheese, cucumber, or egg
  • Sliced fruit
  • Strawberry jam buns, made with special strawberry jam
  • Raspberry jam cakes
  • Coconut cupcakes with maraschino cherries on top
  • Fizzy juice
  • Tea, of course

I had to serve this all on something, so I pulled out my pink porcellan pieces from Mother-in-Law, plus an old rose tea set (minus the actual teapot) from my great-grandmother.  Daughter was thrilled because she knew what a special treat it was to use these pieces, plus she helped to shine the special occasion cutlery and set the table.  As a final touch, I tied crepe paper bows around champagne flutes for the fizzy juice.

Daughter felt like such a big girl that she actually had very milky tea in her tea cup instead of the pink fruit tea I had brewed for her.  It was so cute, and she thought she was just tops for having such a grown-up party.  Tomorrow, I’ll post a recipe for jam buns and pictures, I promise!

P.S. – I just want to point out here that the only things, aside from presents, that I had to buy for this party were the jam and the fizzy juice.  I had everything else on hand, or buried in a sideboard, which took a lot of the stress away.  Of course, if Daughter asks for a pirate party next year, it will be a different story, but I still prefer to rely on my own resources than go out and buy the pre-packaged deal, especially now that Daughter is old enough to help.


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