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Meat menu for four days

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Rather, a mince menu for four days.  I popped round to the butcher last Saturday at Husband’s request and got in a bit over my head.  I came way with  1.5 kilos of ground meat, which is about three pounds, about a pound and a half each of ground lamb and ground beef.  Here’s how I rectified my metric oversight (it just doesn’t feel right to go into the butchers and ask for a ‘half’ of something)…

Saturday night – lamb burgers for four, which took up one pound of the lamb.  We had veggies with this, but I can’t remember what exactly.  I actually could have stretched this out, because these were big burgers and didn’t shrink any (go figure, high quality meat).

Sunday supper – chilli for a crowd, here I used 3/4 pound of the ground beef and a load of beans and veggies.  I baked up a batch of cornbread, and this fed the five of us for both lunch and dinner.

Monday night for four – lamb and rice casserole with the rest of lamb (1/2 pound maybe?) and 3 cups of cooked rice.  I filled this out with a thick pea soup and loads of veggies.

Tuesday night  for five- meatballs with the remaining 3/4 pound of ground beef, plus a big batch of vegetable risotto and a veggie soup.  I had some leftover salad from the night before, so I threw that on the table for good measure too.

I feel like I managed to get enough meals out of my meat purchase, but I also had to have three of the meals prepared in advance (chilli, casserole and meatballs) where I just had to reheat and make a side.  It turned out well, and it beat calling for a curry.  I’m a bit meated out though, so Wednesday will have to be something vegetarian…


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