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End of a short month menu

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I’m standing in my kitchen, with every cupboard flung open, along with the fridge and the freezer.  Despite it being  a short month, I’ve run out of just about every essential – GF flour, milk, toilet roll/paper, cheese, cocoa, vinegar, rice, onions, and potatoes.  The groceries won’t be delivered until next week (a whole 7 days!), I won’t be able to get to the store until the weekend, unless Husband takes pity.

No problem though, I hope, because I do have a few tricks still, and here’s my week’s menu, roughly…

Monday (yesterday), I made a lamb casserole with lamb mince, frozen veggies, and the last of the basmati rice.  I also made the rest of the red cabbage into a big coleslaw salad.  The soup was leftover from Sunday.

Tuesday (today), I will do bean burgers with grated zuchinni and carrot, along with some not-GF buns in the freezer and some lettuce Sister-in-law brought home.  I’ll add the rest of yesterday’s salad, plus a soup of some kind (possibly broccoli?).

Wednesday is undecided.  We want to treat visiting Brother-in-law to a curry, but I’m afraid to check the state of our bank account.  If all else fails, the rest of the house will have Bobalky with poppyseed and milk, and I’ll have to get really creative for myself.  This might be a good time to make that rice pudding.

Thursday will be a bacon and leek quiche (I do have eggs), served with potato floddies (made from the rest of the flour and the three potatoes left) and some kind of soup from whatever I have left in terms of veggies (garlic, anyone?)  I will also try to scrape together a veggie of some kind, but my supplies will be pretty exhausted by then.

Friday will be rice and peas, made with the last of the pudding rice.  I’ll probably make a spinach soup, since we have some frozen spinach left, or maybe I’ll make that as a side.  Warm water counts as soup, right?

Sweets this week will include things made without any flour, or as little as possible, since I only have about 1 1/2 cups left.  So, flapjacks are in order, as are pb cookies, and most likely rice pudding, which we’ll probably have for breakfast.  I made muffins yesterday, but they’re gone.  I suppose it’s a good thing it’s Lent right now.

The beauty of my long prattle is that I just realized I will have enough leftover to make a bean and leek sauce to go with the last of my brown rice, as an emergency measure (next Monday’s dinner, perhaps?).  The other bonus of being down to the last of it all is that I can give the fridge and shelves a wipe down relatively quickly, without having to empty it all first.

At least I don’t have to drag ration books around though, right?


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