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GF ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

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Instead of posting a baking recipe today, I thought I might muse a bit on what a person could do for a GF St. Patrick’s Day.  I grew up celebrating with soda bread and corned beef, and while the soda bread is most definitely Irish, it has a bit more flour than what I can normally get to work in a GF recipe.  I could go stand in the beef aisle at the grocer’s trying to find the equivalent of corned beef, but that seems a bit contrived too.  So here I go with a few ideas…

First, dinner will most likely be beef stew and floddies.  My Irish beef stew recipe calls for Guiness, which is a GF no-no, so I’ll probably leave it out and brown the meat very well to give me something to deglaze in the pan.  Irish stew is basically stewing beef, onion, carrots, potatoes, and sometimes chopped cabbage in a gently flavored broth.  As long as I don’t flour the beef, I should be fine.  If you do want it slightly thicker, which is why you flour the beef, then you can use a slurry of cornstarch and water towards the end of the cooking time.

Floddies are gloriously simple potato pancakes, even simpler than the Slovak ones I make, which require eggs and garlic.  Just grate a large potato for each person, salt a bit to create some juice, and add enough flour to bind the potato with a thickish paste.  Drop large spoonfulls onto a greased pan and fry like, well, pancakes.


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