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Red cabbage and apple salad

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I snagged this idea from a neighbor, whose salad actually tastes a bit better than my version for some unknown reason.  Still the basic principles are the same, and the cook can adjust to her tastes.

Thinly slice half of a red cabbage, making sure to take out the hard stem.  Grate in four or five peeled carrots, and add in four or five chopped apples (less if the apples are huge).  I don’t bother peeling apples, but I suppose you could.  Squeeze half of a lemon over the apples and carrots, sprinkle generously with sugar, and mix.  If you have fresh parsley, add in one cup chopped, otherwise sprinkle the salad with a few tablespoons of dried parsley.  Toss in some raisins and sunflower seeds if you have them.

For the dressing, beat together some mayonnaise and milk to make it just pourable (or yogurt and mayonnaise, if you have it).  Pour over salad and combine thoroughly.  Taste, and adjust lemon and sugar as necessary.


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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