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Caramel smoothie

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Although not a Home front recipe, this was an instant hit at our house.  I stumbled on something similar in a cookbook while at craft time at the library and ran home to make up my own version.  The only thing is, please oh please, do not put your finger or anything else belonging to your body in the caramel until it is cooled.  Sugar burns are nasty and generally require professional treatment.

To make the caramel, put 3 TBL of butter, 3 TBL of brown sugar, and 3 TBL of golden syrup or honey in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  Once the butter has melted, stir consistently until a mess of bubbles starts to form on top of the syrup, then keep stirring until it thickens.  There is no way to get around this step, but once you’ve mastered syrup making, you’ll never need or want to buy anything like it again.  The caramel is ready once it thickly coats the back of a spoon, and you will probably recognize the syrupy consistency.

While you are waiting for the butter to melt above, measure out 1 1/4 c low/no fat milk into a measuring jug.  Once you have your caramel cooked, take it off the heat and splash about 1/4 cup milk into the caramel and stir, stir, stir until it is all incorporated and smooth.  Pour this back into the rest of the milk in the measuring jug, stir again until completely mixed, then top up to 2 cups with plain natural yogurt.  Mix again until smooth and store until cool in the fridge.  This makes 2 cups total, so somewhere between 3-4 servings.


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