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Souring cream

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Sometimes, I go into the kitchen and do something I think is clever, only to realize how dense I must be to not have thought of it sooner.  This happened to me yesterday, when I needed sour cream for something, but only had whipping cream.  It occurred to me that I could probably squeeze some lime into it and have a reasonable stand in, since I was making a Mexican dish anyway.  So squeeze I did, and, by golly, the cream actually turned sour.

In hindsight, this is exactly what should have happened, especially if you know that you can make buttermilk by adding in vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk.  It just never occurred to me to try it with cream.  At any rate, I am pleased to report that I can now make my own soured cream and do not need to continue reading labels full of sketchy ingredients to see if it is GF.  This works out well for me, because cream is a lot more versatile than soured cream, so I can see myself using this instead of buying soured cream off the shelf.  I just wish it had occurred to me sooner…


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