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Five dishes from a roast chicken

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Sometimes, for reasons that are still unclear even now, you end up with a spare roast chicken with stuffing.  (Gluten free stuffing at that, thank you Marks and Spencers!)  At any rate, I roasted off both birds together, with the intent of only eating the one for dinner, which left me with a roast, stuffed bird to do something with.  That week will forever be known as the week of roast chicken…

Starting with the whole bird,

Dinner #1 – of course it was just plain roasted chicken, thighs and legs, which fed four of us with rice, vegetables, and gravy

Dinner #2 – I shredded the two breasts into a salad with potatoes and green beans, and served it with spring lettuce and radishes.

Dinner #3 – I mixed the forcemeat stuffing with an equal amount of cooked oatmeal, flavored it with sage, leek, and garlic, and formed it into patties.  I fried the patties and served them with an onion gravy, mashed potatoes, and a few veggie dishes.

Spread – I shredded the remaining meat off the bone and mixed it with some mayonnaise and other spices.   I served it in lettuce cups to make it slightly fancier, but really it was just meant as a sandwich filling for lunch and snacks.

Soup – Of course I made soup from what was left, and there was enough soup to last all five of us for two days.  It wasn’t a very meaty soup, but since we only eat soup as a starter before the main meal, it did the trick.


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