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Roasted Rhubarb

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It is still rhubarb season, so if you get tired of crisps and crumbles, maybe roasted rhubarb might work.

Simply slice the rhubarb in pieces the length of your thumb and toss in a bowl with two tablespoons of honey, golden syrup, or brown sugar.  Spread out on a greased baking sheet and roast in a hot oven until soft and caramelized.  This will probably take about twenty minutes, depending on how hot your oven is and how much other stuff you have in there.

The possibilities of this kind of rhubarb are endless.  Serve on top of dry cake with custard, as a topping for ice cream or yogurt, or in a cheesecake.  You can, of course, just eat it plain too, which is my prefered method.

And remember, rhubarb is a vegetable, so this dish counts as one of your five a day too!


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  1. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post this lovely recipe! Now I know what I want for tomorrow!


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