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Rhubarb Sponge

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Oh yes, I’ve managed to come up with yet another rhubarb recipe (the soft fruits aren’t in season yet).  This one is an MoF recipe from Marguerite Patten, which is why it is a bit dry.   No matter though, because the juice from the rhubarb gets soaked into the sponge, making it all nice and gooey.

Thinly slice one and one half pounds of rhubarb, then toss with two tablespoons of golden syrup (or honey).  Dump into a greased cake pan, not any larger than an 8 x 8.  In a bowl, rub 3 TBL of sugar into 4 TBL of butter or margarine.  Then add cream 1 1/4 cups of GF flour and a teaspoon of baking powder.  Beat an egg with about 1/2 cup milk and beat into the flour mixture.  Add in enough milk to make the batter a medium consistency, and pour on top of the rhubarb.  It doesn’t really matter if some rhubarb peeks out, because it all gets scooped together when it’s served.

Bake for about thirty minutes at 350 F/ 180 c/ Gas Mark 4, or until done.  To serve, spoon into bowls.

If you want to snazz this up a bit, you can add raisins or currants into the rhubarb, or you can add a bit of vanilla extra to the cake mix.  This recipe isn’t very sweet, so the tartness of the rhubarb comes through in a pleasant, late spring sort of way.


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