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Summery Princess party

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Daughter has decided that she finally wants an honest birthday party, which is impossible around her birthday.  As a compromise, we’ve decided to hold a half-birthday party for her, with no presents.  Of course, she wants a princess party, so here is what I’m thinking about to keep the six little girls entertained…


Musical statues (a bit like musical chairs)

Pin the crown on the princess, using my daughter as an outline for the princess

Croquet, if the weather is nice

Princess-themed bookmarks using wooden clothes pins and cut outs


I am stumped here.  Balloons and paper chains are probably going to be the extent of it, plus the usual table decorations

Party bags and prizes:

I have a stash of girlie erasers, stickers and things that I will probably use here, along with some candy.  I also grabbed some flowery pencils and markers to use as prizes.  I’ll also add in a cupcake and a freshly cut rose from our garden.


This is where I am going a bit crazy.  Of the six girls there, one is allergic to dairy and uncooked egg, another is a vegetarian, and a third is halal.  Plus it will all be gluten free.  Thankfully, the party is in the afternoon, so I don’t have to feed them too much.

Home-made lemonade

Strawberry and melon skewers

Crudite vegetables with hummus dip

Tea sandwiches with jam/ cucumber and veganaise on GF bread

I haven’t decided on the cake yet, because I want to discuss it with Daughter first, but I am going to make coconut cupcakes using coconut oil instead of butter for the party bags.

That is all I have so far, does anyone have any other suggestions?


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