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So here I am in Prague, a beautiful city no doubt, waiting for our household stuff to show up.  We’ve been put into temporary housing by Husband’s company, and I am sure this place is beautiful as a hotel.  It is not, however, designed for a family that cooks and does laundry, and also has a child.  I find myself calling the maids about once a day to clean up some kid spill (tea biscuits flying across the entire tile floor, anyone?).  That sounds a bit whiny, doesn’t it, having to call a maid, but imagine not being able to do anything yourself and having to wait for someone else to do it.  I find it slightly demeaning.

The cooking situation is no better, really.  There is no oven (deep sigh), which Husband assures me is normal, and only two burners and a cheap knife.  We have a can opener, should we ever need to open a can, but that doesn’t help with the day to day cooking.  We’ve had variations of noodles and rice, all one dish meals, and I might start looking into modifying crock pot recipes in desperation.  Any suggestions?

If I had the forethought to bring a cookbook instead of, say, my toothbrush, I’d have been better off.  Alas, the airline was very strict with our baggage and weight allowances, and Husband needed to bring his suits anyway, so here I am, relying on my creativity and Nella Last’s War (which I’m reading as a reward for mostly finishing my dissertation)

At any rate, the recipes I post will undoubtedly be based on one-pot cooking, since that’s all I have, and probably a bit less tasty than normal.  I challenge anyone to move to a new country and figure out the cooking situation in less than a month, with no veggie peeler or hand blender or even a grater or even an oven for that matter.


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