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Hotdog goulash

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Yes, hot dog goulash.  It’s desperate times around here, let me tell you.  So, should you find yourself in the position of only having one pot to cook in and no cooking utensils beyond a knife and spoon, this recipe will serve you well.

Finely chop and onion and  a well-scrubbed carrot, then saute in whatever fat you have handy (I used bacon fat).  Finely chop whatever other veggies you might want to add in, like a paprika, along with a clove or two of garlic, and throw those into the pot.  Chop up enough hotdogs, at least one per person, and chuck those in, along with enough chopped potatoes to fill out the goulash.  Add in water and bouillon or veggie stock to cover, along with sweet paprika, salt and pepper (or just plain goulash seasoning).  Cook until slightly reduced and the potatoes have softened.

This went over surprisingly well, but it could be just because it was a hot meal…


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