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Sweet lunch from (almost) nothing

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Daughter and I are together during the day now, as she won’t start school until we’ve taken a flat, and I usually throw something quick and warm together for lunch.  Yesterday, though, I decided to make it a bit sweeter, and I used up my leftovers in the process.

First, I had left some sliced GF raisin bread out overnight, in order to dry it before it went off, so I soaked that in a mixture of beaten egg and milk and fried it in some butter (I haven’t gotten round to buying oil yet).  While that was cooking, I made a quick coconut pudding from a sachet and milk.  The mixes they use here require cooking, so it comes out warm.  I admit that it takes some getting used to, but Husband loves warm pudding, and I view it as a kind of hot custard sauce (I don’t particularly like it, but I’ll eat it).

So lunch was eggy raisin bread fingers, warm coconut pudding/custard, and pear slices.  It came out well enough to write about, and I thought I’d just throw it out there as a way of making do and getting a warm lunch out of it in the process.


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