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What to do with dry cake?

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First, let me say, I haven’t mastered the oven in our flat yet, which explains how it was possible to have dry cake in our family.  We have such a collective sweet tooth that a cake usually won’t last more than two days, so I have never had dry cake before.  But there I was, staring at the better part of half a cake that was too dry to eat.  I briefly considered dousing it in alcohol, but then thought that I could serve it with warm pudding, i.e. custard sauce, which is exactly what I did.

I cut the cake up into cubes and made vanilla pudding, which I poured generously over the dry cake.  It wasn’t the healthiest dinner ever, though the cake did have oats and apples in it, but it did the trick on a lazy Sunday night.  I also cut up some pears and apples as a side dish, and I could have thrown in some raisins too.

I still have some dry cake left over, and I am looking for more ideas.  I also hope to get a handle on the oven so I don’t have so much dry cake in the future…


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