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Quick knitted gift

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I am on a roll this week with gift posts, because it is all that is on my mind.  (Did I mention that Daughter and I are stuck in the house most of the day, since it is so cold and snowy out, and we just aren’t used to it?)

To be fair, I snagged did snag the idea off of Martha Stewart here, but it’s also quite easy.  The number of cast on stitches and rows will depend on the weight of your wool and the size of your needles, but your tension needs to be tight enough to protect the glasses from being scratched, so use your best judgement.  Cast on enough stitches to make the piece four inches wide, then knit in stocking stitch until the piece measures about fifteen inches, or until you run out of wool at fourteen inches, if you’re me.   To make up, fold the piece in half to make a pouch approx. seven inches long, and sew wrong sides together.  Turn right side out and either add a snap and a decorative button or a button loop and button.  If you’re handy enough and can knit flowers, they would add a some nice detail in place of a button.

I will be making a few of these this year, since it is a nice way to use up yarn and doesn’t take too much time.  I’ll post pictures towards the end of this week of all of my bits and bobs, and I’ll try to throw in a few more ideas…


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