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Beyond snowflakes

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Last year, I kept Daughter busy cutting out paper snowflakes to decorate our windows.  We’re doing that again this year, but I’ve also got a few more ideas to keep her busy.

Tomorrow, we will be making ornaments out of old Christmas cards.  Designs can get quite complicated and three-dimensional, but I prefer to keep it simple.  Using cookie cutters and other shapes, just trace the desired shape onto the card.  You can do it on the front or back, but it works out better on the front if you are trying to get a particular part of the card’s picture.  Cut out the shape, eraser any pencil marks and punch a hole in the top with either a hole punch or a needle.

At this point, you can just string it up on yarn or ribbon, but I like to have Daughter rim the edges with glue and sprinkle on some glitter.  She also likes to write notes to the recipient on the back, but this should be done before the glue and glitter are added on (boy, did I learn that the hard way).

We add these into Christmas cards, or hanging them on the tree or from stockings.  You could also use them as gift tags, but I’m a bit to neurotic about sweeping up the glitter for that…


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