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One way to get wrapping paper

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Let’s pretend that you have a stack of gifts to wrap, but you live in a new city in another country, and you don’t know how to say “wrapping paper”, let alone find a store that sells it.  Let’s also pretend that you also need to amuse your almost six-year-old daughter for an afternoon.

Step 1.  Wrap gifts in plain white paper.  You have miles of this on a roll, because Daughter loves to draw princesses masterpieces.

Step 2.  Gather up all of the Christmas stickers and other bits that have been hanging about in the bottom of your once full wrapping paper bag.

Step 3.  Tell Daughter to bring her markers, crayons, and colored pencils to where you are wrapping.

Step 4.  Grab a cup of coffee while Daughter spends the next hour and change covering every last inch of blank paper with Christmas themed princess collages.

Step 5.  Know that the Christmas princess/fairy phase will pass too quickly, and label all the gifts before Daughter puts them under the tree.


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