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Easy Winter Salad

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I came across this idea in a Slovak cookbook, and I adapted it to our tastes (in other words, I changed the dressing).  Still, the idea is so simple and the vegetables so readily available now that we have been eating it several times a week.  I can’t  pretend that this salad is anything but white in color, but it has a wonderful taste and goes with almost anything.

All you need is a head of Napa/ Chinese cabbage and the white end of a leek.  Slice the cabbage in rings, starting from the head and moving down towards the base.  Dump this into your salad bowl.  Next thinly slice the leek so that there are nice little rings, and arrange these nicely on top of the cabbage.  Finally, top with a basic vinaigrette made with a nice vinegar, and maybe a sprinkle of parsley for color.

You could probably jazz this salad up, but it’s so straightforward that there is now no excuse for not having a salad with dinner, at least in our house.


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