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Stewed Apples (or pears)

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Ah, what would GF life be without stewed fruit?  I think it might have a bit of a bad reputation, thanks to some overzealous cooks, but I like the warm, sweet simplicity of cooked fruit in the winter.

For apples, use about 1/4 cup sugar to every two cups of water.  You can eyeball this, because it really depends on how sweet your apples are anyway.  Peel, core, and halve or quarter as many apples as you want, cover with water, and sprinkle in your sugar and squeeze in a bit of lemon juice.  Cook on low heat, gently, until soft.  You don’t want a rolling boil, just a nice simmer, and you don’t want to go too long, because then you’ll end up with mush.  If your apples start to split, take them off the heat immediately.  Once cool enough to taste, check to see if the liquid is sweet enough.  Serve warm with liquid in bowls.

That is the basic recipe.  I usually throw in a piece of cinnamon and a couple of pinches of whole cloves too.  You can also use pears instead of apples, and maybe a piece of vanilla bean or a slug of vanilla extract (or rum) in place of the spices.

In case of leftovers, you can serve them cold or puree them to make apple sauce.


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