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GF sandwiches, in a store?

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No really, it’s true.  I saw it with my own eyes.  I even ate one.  Marks and Spencer is selling two types of GF sandwiches in its sandwich aisle.  I had the egg and tomato one, and I think the other was some cheese and ham combination.  The wrapping said that the GF sandwiches are in response to customer demand, which I can imagine.  It is really hard to eat GF when you’re running about in the city or on a train, and it’s nice to think that they would listen to all the GF people out there screaming for ready to eat food.

But…… But really, four pounds for a sandwich that had two cherry tomatoes and half a boiled egg in it?  Yes, four quid, which is something like seven US dollars, and more expensive than M&S’s high end sandwiches.  If you want a drink and some crisps/chips, that’s extra.  So boo on that count.  You might be thinking though, if you’re starving, you’d be willing to fork it out.  I agree, but the sandwich wasn’t that good either.  The filling was good, but the GF bread was kind of airy and really fell apart, more so than normal, which isn’t so pretty when you’re sitting on a train with a bunch of strangers, trying desperately not to look like you’ve never eaten in public before.  Plus, there was a kind of slimy bread coating on the bits that were touching the wrapper.  Apparently, regular bread absorbs the condensation in sandwich packaging, whereas GF bread just kind of bonds to it and becomes slick.

So, will I be buying another one any time soon?  Probably not, though the thrill of being able to buy a sandwich, just once, and eat it on the run was worth the four pounds.  Do I recommend these sandwiches?  Well, again, four pounds for the thrill of being able to grab a sandwich like everyone else is pretty compelling, just once, so by all means, indulge.

As an aside, the M&S GF baps are outstanding, not too crumbly, and not too expensive.  At just over two pounds for four, perhaps M&S could start making sandwiches out of those and selling them?  I would pay four pounds for that.  (anyone listening out there?)


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  1. I pray the day will come when prices as well as availability are better. Good post!


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