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Drying herbs

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Yesterday, I mentioned that one of the creative things I’ve been doing has been drying herbs.  I buy fresh herbs at the farmer’s market now, but I can rarely get through the whole bunch before they start to smell like a biology experiment.  My solution to this is to dry what I don’t use, and my kitchen radiator now supports a constant flow of trays of drying herbs.

Drying herbs can be very easy, and all you really need is an out-of-the-way place to store the herbs while they dry.  Simple chop or cut with scissors as much as will fit in a single layer on a baking tray* and leave it out, uncovered, for a few days to dry.  If the weather is nice and not muggy, your herbs will be dry in about two days.  I use my kitchen radiator, but you could also keep them in an unused oven, toaster over, or  broiler.  Once they are dry, store them in a recycled jar or Tupperware container.

*If you are like me and go through spring form pans at a rate of about 3 a year, then save the spring form base to use for drying and freezing things, as it is an ideal size (and free!).



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