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Curry Stains

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Sometimes, if you’re like me, you end up with curry stains on clothing or tablecloths, particularly after a particularly lively curry take-away dinner.  The yellow stain, left behind by turmeric, is nearly impossible to get out with detergent, but I have a discovered a trick to this.  A friend from India told me that her mother leaves the stain out to bleach in the sun for a few hours and then washes out the oil stain as normal.  Eager to try this, I stuck a tablecloth with a big curry stain on it outside the next time the sun was bright and, lo and behold, the stain is gone!  An oil stain is left behind, but I can get at that with shampoo.

Apparently, the dye in turmeric is reactive with the sun, and fades if it hasn’t been set by ammonia.  Who knew?


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