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About those Ziploc bags

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Regarding the post I wrote early about the scarcity of Ziploc bags in Europe, Husband recently returned from a business trip in the States.  Among the expat community here in Prague and most anywhere, a return from the States is a bit like Christmas.  So I was in the park the other day, relating that Husband was finally home, when a friend asked “And what did you get?”  My satisfied reply was “a laptop”, to which my friend nodded and smiled, knowing that it is almost expected that some new electronic toy is going to come back from the States.  I then added on “oh, and Ziploc bags”, and she raised her eyebrows in wonder and appreciation, and said “Nice!”.  We’re so easy to please, aren’t we?


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  1. LOL – I love it! We females can be Very easy to please -no matter when we are located-but having a friend to share it with makes it all the better! LOL : )

  2. I know!. I just love the fact that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was an extra special treat.


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