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Cup for Cup test – Brownies

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For round two with the Cup for Cup flour, I decided to try brownies.  Actually, I didn’t have enough butter to make a cake, so I had to go with brownies.  I made them as I usually do, using the recipe here, and again the batter came out very pudding-like.  I was a bit worried when I put the batter into the baking dish, because it looked like it would make quite thin, hard brownies, but the batter ended up rising some.  The brownies were still somewhat thinner than normal, but the taste was fine.

However, these also came out spongy and vaguely damp.  No one complained, really, but when you’re serving brownies to a bunch of Czech and Slovak people, you aren’t really going up against a strong opinion of how a brownie should be.  Husband did flash me a “not quite right” look, but ate them anyway.  I think the sponginess comes from the amount of xantham gum in the mix, but I can’t be exactly sure.

So, compared to what I normally bake with, and price aside, I am not too impressed so far.


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