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Molasses Milk

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Molasses milk has become Daughter’s new favorite drink, especially on cold mornings.  It has come to replace the cocoa she usually has, and I feel that it is a bit healthier, or at least more natural.  I can’t say that it is cheaper, per se, because we live in Prague where molasses and black treacle are dear.  However, if we lived somewhere where they were more common, it would definitely be cheaper.

To make molasses milk, simply heat milk to near scalding, put some molasses in a mug, and pour the hot milk on top while stirring.  It is that easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  Mainly, the milk needs to be very hot in order to dissolve the molasses, otherwise you can end up with a lump of stickiness at the bottom of the mug.  To cool it down a bit afterwards, I just pour in a touch of cold milk.

The ratio of milk to molasses that I use is about one cup to one generous teaspoon.  You can fiddle with it a bit to get the taste to your liking, but I find that very little molasses is needed.  The molasses/black treacle lends the milk a nice, caramel flavor, and there are also trace minerals in molasses that are hard to find otherwise, so I think that counts as a healthy without too much sugar.

What I really like about this drink is that I can make it quickly out of stuff I already have in my kitchen, which means one less box of stuff to worry about replacing and keeping track of.  Clever, right?


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