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Cup for Cup Review – Round 4

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Given my previous posts, you may be surprised that I am still testing this out.  In frustration at the gooey texture of the flour, I actually dumped in a load of my usual flour, mixing it at about a one to one ratio.  Husband was watching this, curious as to why I would risk perfectly acceptable flour by mixing it in with the Cup for Cup mix, but he still doesn’t quite understand the depth of my frugality = ).

I thought that mixing the Cup for Cup mix with some other GF flour would cut doing on the gooey factor, and it did, but not enough to make things appetizing.  I made a fruit cake with the mixed mix, and it still came out weird.  I then seriously considered my options, and I realized that I needed to bake things that didn’t involve a lot of liquid.  I moved on to cheese scones, and those came out nicely.  I think cookies would work well too.

So basically, if you mix Cup for Cup with another GF flour mix and use it to bake things that are only just moistened, you get a fairly decent baked good.  That is all a bit to finicky for me, so I think I will be leaving the Cup for Cup mix on the shelf…


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