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Handmade Christmas Craft Along – week 6

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Here we are again with another Christmas Craft Along, and I am on a roll…

(crickets chirping)

Well, truth be told, I made this lap blanket back in the summer while Daughter was away, and I saved it for Christmas (or her birthday, maybe, but it’s on Boxing Day, so it’s still Christmas).  The pattern is simple enough, just casting on how wide you want it to be, then K2tog and then increasing again when the band is wide enough.  It came out of my favorite knitting book, “Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas"" “Weekend Knitting, and I played with it a bit given the wool I had available to me.

To complete this gift for our little reader, I am going to wrap up some books from my secret stash of books I find in charity shops.  When I ever I go to Britain, I raid the charity shops for books I think Daughter or Husband will like, and then I bring them back to Prague.  This means that I always have a selection of books to chose from for gifts and holidays, and I am not out the stratospheric cost of getting books in English here.


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