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Welcome to Double Dip Monday!

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Welcome to Double Dip Monday, the first of a weekly installment I will be doing in honor of the second recession we are now in here in Europe.  For this first post, I thought I would recap the menus I planned for last week, and what we managed to eat.

We were away until Tuesday, so this isn’t a full week’s menu.  I was also using up what was leftover from the holidays, which accounts for some of the more extravagant dishes.

Tuesday dinner was relatively basic – fried apples and onions, with mashed potatoes and a basic vegetable soup.

Wednesday started with our standard breakfast of rolls and rice cakes with cheese, and lunch was leftover dinner from Tuesday.  Dinner was lentil stew with GF oat bread rolls, similar to one the posted here (just minus the dumplings), and apple and carrot salad.

Thursday breakfast was  leftover oat bread rolls with a homemade leek and cheese spread, and lunch was leftover stew for Daughter and I.  Our dinner was a bit more upscale, with onion soup to start, followed by GF pasta with classic alfredo sauce and more apple and carrot salad.

Friday breakfast was homemade granola with milk.  Lunch was leftover onion soup, and dinner was a simple girls’ night in with more leftover onion soup, polenta, fried leeks, and the rest of the apple and carrot salad.  This was a definite step up from our usual girls’ night dinner, which is typically at the intricacy level of oatmeal.

I used Saturday to do a bunch of weekend cooking, so we started with pancakes.  I try to make enough to have leftovers for at least snacks or maybe another breakfast for one of us.  Lunch was a quick frozen vegetable risotto, while I set cock-a-leekie and ranch beans to cook.  I made GF pizza for dinner as a treat.

Sunday was a whirlwind day, starting with our regular breakfast, and including cock-a-leekie, ranch beans and hush puppies for lunch.  Dinner was more cock-a-leekie, and whatever other leftovers were floating around (pancakes anyone?).  It was a ginormous pot of cock-a-leekie, so we even have some leftover for tomorrow.

I managed to keep shopping to a minimum this past week, and I am hoping to do the same this week.  I mostly am buying only milk and vegetables, as we need them, and using up whatever I can find in our very tiny freezer and pantry.  I’m sensing bean burgers for this coming week, and something with that uses up my frozen zucchini, and possible my stewed pumpkin.


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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  1. Sometime could you post your recipe for hush puppies? Are they baked or fried?

    • Hi Tammy,

      yes, I can probably do that this week or maybe early next. I generally fry them in a bit of oil, but I might try baking them next time.

  2. Thank you. I might try your recipe for pancakes sometime. I have a couple bunches of bananas that I need to use up.

    • Sure, let me know how it all works out. I’ve noticed that I have to play with things a bit as I move from country to country, so I am always curious how other people do.


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