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A look at GF weekday lunch menus

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Or, in other words, a really boring list of what Daughter and I eat at home during the week.  Really, you are going to yawn.

I approach our weekday lunches with an if/then frame of mind.  If we have leftovers (and Husband hasn’t taken them), then we eat those first.  If we have soup left over, then we eat that as a first course.  If we have a certain friend coming over during the week, then we won’t eat porridge/oatmeal until that day, because we always eat porridge when she comes over.  But overall, leftovers aside, our lunch menu revolves around three items.  Ready?

In no particular order, we eat either polenta, porridge/oatmeal, or something called Kašička, which is like cream of rice/corn/buckwheat.  If you look very carefully, you will see a trend ; ).  If I can dump boiling water on it and cook in around five minutes, we eat it for lunch during the week.  I will sometimes add in rice cakes and cheese for a little variance, especially when it is warmer out, but in the cold winter months, lunch must be hot and stodgy.  I also serve either fresh or stewed fruit, and maybe some sliced veggies.  Since the grains are cooked with either milk or cheese, we also get protein and calcium, which keeps us full until dinner (or afternoon snack).  Add in some fruit tea or a glass of milk, and you have yourself a very easy to cook and inexpensive lunch.  It’s just not that glamourous…


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