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How I make hush puppies

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As requested, here is how I make my hushpuppies.  Hushpuppies are a great way to add a bit of body to your meal if you are otherwise just having soup, so I tend to make them frequently in the winter.  I base my approach (loosely) on the recipe in my version of the Joy of Cooking, and I tend to just go along with whatever I have.

For three or four people, mix one cup of cornmeal (I have to use instant polenta in this country) with 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt.  Then I add in some herbs and flavourings, like garlic powder, dried parsley, dried chives, dried onions, pepper, chilli powder, really just whatever goes with the soup.  Then whisk one egg and enough liquid into the cornmeal to make the mixture stick together.  I usually use about 1/3 cup of liquid, added bit by bit, but you made need a bit more or less.  I also use either water or milk, or buttermilk, or water rinsed in a milk/ plain yogurt/ sour cream container.

Once the mixture sticks together nicely, shape it into twelve little balls or fingers, and fry them in a bit of shallow oil until brown on all sides.  I don’t bake mine, but I suppose you could.  I don’t deep fry them either, which I think is the traditional way.  Fried in a bit of oil works best for me, because it takes me the least amount of time and I can do it right next to the soup pot (and it saves on oil).


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