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Buy better and use less

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Granted, this may not always work out, but I have found that it holds true with food, at least in our family.  For instance, we use less butter than margarine, since the butter tastes better and you need less of it.  The same goes for cheese, chocolate, meat, coffee and just about anything else I can think of.  I now make it a point to buy the highest quality that I can reasonably afford, and then I stretch it through various ways. If I am buying cheddar cheese, for example, then I will buy the most mature available, since the flavor is much stronger.  I end up using less, and it saves me money in the end, even if I had to pay a little bit more in the beginning.  If I buy free range chicken from the farmer instead of one from the supermarket, we eat less and the resulting stock has a stronger flavour, so I can get more stock out of the same amount of bones.

Once in a while, this will backfire.  I might buy a jam that tastes so good that we gobble it up in one sitting (almost) or a cheese that disappears the minute I open the package.  However, I find that if I buy it a few more times, we get used to the flavor and eat it at a more reasonable pace.  Do you have similar experiences?


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