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Why yet another green and frugal blog?

Really, why?  Aren’t there enough blogs in the world?  Er, yes, but I hope to use this blog to bear witness to how frugal living, green living, and an obsession with WWII homefronts can intersect on a daily basis.  We make decisions everyday about how to spend our money, how to use the world’s resources, and ultimately how to shape our own and our children’s future.  I want to be better at this, so I decided to open up my own daily processes to scrutiny.  Hopefully, I will hear back on how I can improve.  Maybe, someone else will get an idea or two.  And the WWII thing?  That’s just because you can be frugal, green, and gluten free and do it all with flair…

***I wanted to mention that any product or company review that I do is completely unpaid for.  These opinions are completely my own, and no one is paying me to say anything nice.  I just feel compelled to share because I think the products are good (or not).


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