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Blood Oranges!

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Just  a quick reminder, blood orange season has started.  Buy as many as you can and stuff yourselves, because we only have a few precious weeks left before they disappear….


Out of the loop…

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What?  You thought I had stopped updating the blog?  Well, yes, sort of, but it’s not defunct.  It turns out that I don’t have as much time to write anymore, plus my main photographer doesn’t have much time to take pictures anymore.  I have been thinking of redecorating a bit too, but that may have to wait.  So, just to let you know, I will be posting here more, just as soon as I can find a nice block of writing time only for me

= ).

A plea to the powers that be…

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St. Patrick’s day got me thinking, probably because I was feeling a bit melancholy anyway.  I was staring into the bottom of my pot of Irish beef stew, sighing and trying to identify just what was missing for flavor, when it hit me like a train.  Why can’t anyone make a gf stout?

deep sigh…

A GF must do, if you’re ever in Prague

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If you are ever in Prague and you like chocolate, you must visit the Choco Cafe.  I know the website is in Czech, but there is an English version on most of the pages, or use Google translate, because this place has to be one of the honest joys of being GF in Prague.

Let me explain.  In the Prague, it is quite common to see people drinking a thick hot chocolate drink, something akin to drinking chocolate.   Basically, it is a chocolate bar melted in either hot milk or cream, and most places have their own way of making it, which means that you are never quite sure what you will get.  I wouldn’t trust most places to make it completely GF, which is why I won’t order it in an ordinary cafe.

However,  Choco Cafe more or less only makes this hot chocolate drink, called horka cokolada.  To be specific, they melt 100 g of 72% dark chocolate into 50 ml of milk, which is the equivalent of drinking half a bar of really dark chocolate.  I kid you not, you can get a spoon to stand up in your cup, and it is divine.  Their menu consists of the horka cokolada drink with any number of add-ins, like hazelnuts or chilli, fresh fruit, rum, whiskey, or whatever else your little GF heart might desire.  I personally like the hazelnuts, but don’t take my word for it.  I think you might also be able to order some coffee, but if you’re ordering coffee, you’re clearly not in the spirit of things.

There is a downside to all of this chocolate bliss though.  You must ask for the drink without the wafer thing they automatically put in it.  (What, you thought I was going to mention the calories?)  Otherwise, you will end up crying into a steaming cup of gorgeous chocolate, topped with real whipped cream, and completely contaminated.  I’ve been there, and it’s not pretty.  So please, do order your drink without the wafer.

On a final note, they only take cash, there is a kid’s corner, and you can buy the chocolate to take home with you to make horka cokolada.  So, should you happen through Prague, please do stop by and enjoy.  It’s not that far off the beaten path, and it is well worth the effort.

Welcome to temporary living

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So here I am in Prague, a beautiful city no doubt, waiting for our household stuff to show up.  We’ve been put into temporary housing by Husband’s company, and I am sure this place is beautiful as a hotel.  It is not, however, designed for a family that cooks and does laundry, and also has a child.  I find myself calling the maids about once a day to clean up some kid spill (tea biscuits flying across the entire tile floor, anyone?).  That sounds a bit whiny, doesn’t it, having to call a maid, but imagine not being able to do anything yourself and having to wait for someone else to do it.  I find it slightly demeaning.

The cooking situation is no better, really.  There is no oven (deep sigh), which Husband assures me is normal, and only two burners and a cheap knife.  We have a can opener, should we ever need to open a can, but that doesn’t help with the day to day cooking.  We’ve had variations of noodles and rice, all one dish meals, and I might start looking into modifying crock pot recipes in desperation.  Any suggestions?

If I had the forethought to bring a cookbook instead of, say, my toothbrush, I’d have been better off.  Alas, the airline was very strict with our baggage and weight allowances, and Husband needed to bring his suits anyway, so here I am, relying on my creativity and Nella Last’s War (which I’m reading as a reward for mostly finishing my dissertation)

At any rate, the recipes I post will undoubtedly be based on one-pot cooking, since that’s all I have, and probably a bit less tasty than normal.  I challenge anyone to move to a new country and figure out the cooking situation in less than a month, with no veggie peeler or hand blender or even a grater or even an oven for that matter.

Quick update

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No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth really.  I just defended my dissertation, and (gulp) got moved to Prague rather suddenly with Husband’s work.

I’ll post a few things in the next days, but I’ll keep going, without a doubt.

Radishes anyone?

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One of the truly beautiful things about early summer is eating fresh radishes dipped in soft butter and sprinkled with salt.  So delicious and simple, and so very French…