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Yes, recipes, because you certainly can’t have a gluten-free blog without recipes.  Although, most of my recipes are adapted from non- GF recipes, so I assume that they would work with gluten.  I am certainly not going to contaminate my kitchen testing this theory, but I would love to hear back if anyone tries them out.

I should probably let you in on my cooking philosophy first though.  When it comes to cooking, I don’t like things to be fussy, particularly ingredient-wise.  You may question this after I tell you that I hand-whip my cream and other oddities, but there is a difference in using an ingredient once in a blue moon and using a basic technique that improves many aspects of cooking.  Good techniques make a good cook, whereas blue moon ingredients tend to rot in my cupboard.

I also don’t like substitutes.  GF food usually does not have the same texture or properties as food with gluten, particularly in baked goods.  Instead of throwing effort after foolishness in replicating “normal” food, I make things that stand out in their own right and happen to be gluten free.  Many of the GF recipes I include here my non-GF friends make as is for themselves, even though they don’t need it to be GF.  To me, that is the sign of a good food, GF or not.

I have come to the realization that recipes are easier to access as posts, so they have all been categorized under The Kitchen Front and subcategorized according to type of dish.  Simply click on the categories to get to the relevant posts.  If you use my recipe anywhere, please link to it, as I have done with recipes I’ve borrowed or modified.

Finally, please be patient and check back frequently.  It is taking me awhile to standardize and upload my recipes.


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